Monday, July 18, 2011

Algunos días mas...

¡Hola my friends!

Life is good here in Santa Rosita, preparing for the big Peruvian departure. In T-minus 9 days I will be setting foot on what could possibly be the greatest adventure of my young adulthood. And lucky me, I will be taking Lima by storm alongside none other than my sassy compañera Sarah Caponi! Peruvian Ducks, a rare breed. 

This blog will hopefully incorporate and show my immersion into a new culture, progress with Spanish, and silly things I know my friends and family will appreciate. 

Last week I received an email from my host mother, Elva, who told me about her casa en Pueblo Libre, a quiet and historically rich district in Lima. She told me about her 11-year-old son Matías, quien le gusta Harry Potter y no le gusta las cebollas para nada. (Harry Potter yes, onions no. I have a feeling Matías is bout to be my true homie) Elva's mama lives with them as well, along with Adet who helps around the house. I am most excited to meet my family and get settled in, then explore my butt off. 

Stay tuned.