Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My new favorite yellow

Feast your eyes on the most popular bebida (drink) / gaseosa (soda) de Peru: Inca Kola! It was created by a British immigrant in Lima in the 1930's, and is owned by Coca-Cola everywhere in the world EXCEPT Peru. It's mega sweet, and I've heard it's made with lemongrass. Or maybe lemon verbena. Whatever. In it is an herb that Peruvians use in tea, hierba luisa. Mi abuelita makes hierba luisa and has it in a pitcher most of the time, although her version is much more healthy and much less pucker-inducing. Peruvians have it warm sometimes, as well as most of their drinks. Ice (hielo) is not very popular down here! Despite Inca Cola's bionic color and taste, I don't mind me an ice coldy con almuerzo once and a while. 
"Solo hay una y no se parece a ninguna" (There is only one, unlike any other)

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