Sunday, October 2, 2011

ser una chola brava

Well examenes parciales, midterms, are rapidly approaching. The fact that I have to pay strict attention to what my professors are saying in order to understand is turning me into a better student. I've really been able to immerse myself in what I'm learning, especially in my class on literatura hispanoamericana contempor√°nea. My profesora is very engaging, adorable, and approachable. We recently finished reading Cien Anos de Soleadad de Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Lo realismo magico opens up a lot of doors in literature that I'd never truly explored, maybe because I had never understood the context from where it originates. Now in the homeland of the concept I find it to be quite a captivating experience. Also, my profesora has a cool grasp on the links between art and literature, and always shows us examples of how latinamericana literature has extended its roots into the world and modern culture.

Friday I went to a place called Cholas Bravas. A quick walk from my house, it's an independent art space run by a group of women in the district of Magdalena, right near the ocean. A friend heard about it and suggested we go, so I really didn't know what to expect. I absolutely fell in love with the place. It was tango night, and we got to watch the dancers swoon the night away, while we had delicious Argentine wine and homemade pizza. A few of the women who I met who run the place, Estrella, Camu, Sharon, told me kind of how the place works, how they do events and artists show their work there for free and have dancing and eating and fiestaing or you can go read and have a cup of tea during the afternoon. I have a feeling I'll be going back often. A wonderful night, my heart felt full. So great to meet new people and connect across a different language. It's hard to explain the environment, watch the video and you'll understand why it's so...warm.

Saturday a few friends and I tried to go to Cerro Azul, beach in the south, to surf. The micro adventure dropped us off in a quaint, unknown fishing town. Not the surf we were searching for, but we had a nice lunch on the water. We backtracked a little to a playa se llama Punta Hermosa, laid in the sun, splashed about in the ocean, and headed back to Lima where me acost√© so quick like a little baby happy as a clam.  

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